Ipack: Direct Downloads


If you can't download via Market, you can use these direct downloads. Click on an icon to see the whole set.


NameIcon SizeApprox Filesize
Crystal Project MD48x482MB
Crystal Project HD72x723.5MB
Crystal Project SHD128x1288MB
Holo Dark MD64x64344KB
Holo Light MD64x64357KB
Icon Eden Fresh / Shine HD72x72500KB
Icon Eden Themes HD72x72500KB
Icon Eden Themes SHD128x1281MB
I Like Buttons MD48x48750KB
I Like Buttons HD72x721.2MB
I Like Buttons SHD128x1282.8MB
Kyo-Tux Aeon HD72x72500KB
Kyo-Tux Aeon SHD128x1281MB
Kyo-Tux Folders HD72x72500KB
Kyo-Tux Folders SHD128x1281.5MB
Month Days48x48560KB
Month Days SHD96x962MB


These sets all contain interchangeable icons of the same name so that they can be easily used with Tasker's Change Icon Set action. Special thanks to mysitemyway.com for them.

NameIcon SizeApprox Filesize
Black Button HD96x961MB
Black Button48x481MB
Black Stamp HD96x961MB
Black Stamp48x481MB
Black Steel HD96x961MB
Black Steel48x481MB
Blue Chrome HD96x964MB
Blue Chrome48x482MB
Blue Grunge HD96x964MB
Blue Grunge48x482MB
Blue Orb HD96x964MB
Blue Orb48x482MB
Blue White Pearl HD96x963MB
Blue White Pearl48x482MB
Copper Orb HD96x963MB
Copper Orb48x482MB
Crystal Bubble HD96x962MB
Crystal Bubble48x481MB
Glossy Silver HD96x963MB
Glossy Silver48x482MB
Green Floral HD96x964MB
Green Floral48x482MB
Green Orb HD96x964MB
Green Orb48x482MB
Metal Pewter HD96x962MB
Metal Pewter48x481MB
Orange Jelly HD96x963MB
Orange Jelly48x482MB
Orange White Pearl HD96x963MB
Orange White Pearl48x482MB
Pink Jelly HD96x963MB
Pink Jelly48x481MB
Red Glossy HD96x962MB
Red Glossy48x481MB
Red Gold Paint HD96x964MB
Red Gold Paint48x482MB
Red White Pearl HD96x963MB
Red White Pearl48x482MB
Striped Red HD96x964MB
Striped Red48x482MB
Transparent Glass HD96x962MB
Transparent Glass48x481MB
Waxed Wood HD96x963MB
Waxed Wood48x481MB


First, you might need to enable the option Unknown Sources in the Android Settings Menu / Settings / Application. You can uncheck it again after installation.

On the Device Itself

If you click one of the download links using the standard system browser, it should be downloaded. You may need to click on the item in the browser's Downloads list to install.

Via SD

Put the downloaded apk file onto the SD card, and do one of:

Over USB

If you have the developer tools installed, you can use
adb install xxx.apk

If you are installing over an existing version, you need to use:

adb install -r xxx.apk